Gongs and Bowls and Health and Well-Being

This week has been very busy for me. I think I may have collectively spent significantly more time out of the house than in, and I’m including my time asleep with that.¬†For the most part I’ve been at the Phoenix Cultural Centre putting my new found interest in photography to use.

On Wednesday there was a spiritual healing, Tibetan Bowls and Gongs event at the centre. The event was run by a very friendly couple who specialise in clairvoyance, tarot reading and other spiritual feel good things. After the performance they were interested in getting their hands on the pictures I had taken and, after looking through a few photos on the camera’s display, offered me an opportunity of paid work at more events they are taking part in. How could I say no!?

As the week progressed Friday continued in a similar vein with a tai-chi/chi-jung class. The event organiser was similarly interested in seeing how the pictures had turned out and I have sent them on to see what he thinks.

Saturday was rather uneventful. The centre was open for busking and creative work, for people to come in and find out what it’s all about and the couple from Wednesday also returned to promote themselves. Unfortunately only one member of the public entered, or at least for the few hours I was there, so not the most successful of days.

Sunday boasted an open-mic event, similar to the regular fortnightly open-mic nights on Mondays, but geared more towards families with younger children. The afternoon was enjoyable and despite my willingness not to, I was coerced into playing a couple of songs.

My attempts have updating the Phoenix website haven’t been entirely productive but I’ve managed to update a few things and generally make it tidier (see link above). Hopefully before long I’ll get the pictures I’ve been taking over this last week uploaded to both that site and a select few for my own.


Within the last couple of weeks I’ve started volunteering at a place called the Phoenix Cultural Centre in Woking. The main goal of the centre is to provide a building in town that can be used as a live music venue, as well as a place for the community to go to experience arts, comedy and cultural things generally.

My role within the centre is essentially that of “technical person”, so I’m looking after all things audio and video related, as well as updating the website (despite my lack of any coding skills). As such, I have purchased a camera (the Canon 600D for those who are interested) and, as of yesterday, will start arriving at as many events being held as I can manage to take pictures. Eventually these pictures should find their way onto the website and start to give people a better idea of what kind of thing the Phoenix Cultural Centre does. My long term goal is to build up enough material of events happening at the centre, as well as interviews with the founders, event organisers and participants, to create a couple of promotional videos. These videos will then hopefully provide more awareness and bring in more people.

I’m must admit I’m pretty excited about all this. Not only do I get an opportunity to do something I enjoy but there’s potentially a chance for this to turn into a full time job if the centre gets the building it’s after. But even before then, I’ll be slowly building up a list of contacts of people who might be interested in freelance audiovisual work, as well as meeting people already in the field.

The coming weeks are going to be interesting!

Phoenix Cultural Centre

The Panufnik Legacies

Of the various videos I have edited for the London Symphony Orchestra over the last couple of months, one of them has managed to find its way to YouTube!

The Panufnik Legacies is a scheme for upcoming composers to get the opportunity to have their music practiced, fine-tuned and finally performed by the LSO. The video is just a quick introduction with the composers who talk about their time with the scheme.

Check out the video on YouTube, or my portfolio page.

To Set In Motion

I have recently completed my first to-order Motion graphics project! Though it was for a friend and so I did it for free, but it all counts, right? They have recently started a Let’s Play channel on YouTube and I thought I could help spruce it up a bit by helping design a quick intro title movie. Unfortuntely I don’t have the necessary tools to upload the graphics in isolation directly onto this site, so if you want to check it out, head over here: FireKittyPlays, and watch the latest video.

For legal reasons I should point out that; sound effects were taken from here: FreeSFX, and the explosion was found at Detonation Films.

London Calling

I find myself once again comforted by the warm embrace of the London Symphony Orchestra. This time, not in a fleeting moment of happiness and belonging, but for a whole two months! Well, I say two months, I’m only actually working two days a week but details, details…

Outside of that, life trundles along with an ever-familiar sense of tedium and repetition. Meaning, despite my best efforts of trying to tie down a full time job, no one seems to be interested in me. Still… I’m soon to be working twice a week on reception at the hospital; which isn’t exactly living the dream but provides me with some funds to help buy things. Not that I’m in any desperate need to buy things.

New Mixes and Masters

I’ve recently uploaded a batch of new mixes and masters to my Sound page. The page has also undergone some formatting changes so now it should be a little nicer to look at. It’s been a long time since I’ve put anything new up but I’m slowly and surely building up a more presentable body of work. There are some other goodies in the pipeline that I’ll also be uploading to the same page, so keep an eye out for those in the near future.

Only Effects

I’ve recently teamed up with a group of friends who have been recording short action videos, adding some After Effects magic and uploading them to YouTube. My primary role in all of this is that of sound engineer, or more specifically: composer. They’ve wanted to include backing tracks for their videos for some time now but, short of using royalty free music, have been unable to because of music licensing laws and such. The obvious way around this is to use original music and fortunately they were happy enough with the track that I provided to bring me on board. In addition to this I also provided a full audio mix for the video, including speech and sound effects, as would be done on any film or TV programme.

I have never done bespoke compositions, or sound mixing for video before, but I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done thus far and am looking forward to finding out what kind of things will be thrown at me in the future.

Check out the video here: Only Effects – Cheat